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Mid Summer 2014AD
Written by Administrator   
Jul 22, 2014 at 11:06 AM

Dear Houston Production Online User

Hello this is Admin, I like to say you can join our official website it has loads of stuff you can do, you can join our blog online we like to hear from you all. Also there is a online official forum, on our site and there is many stuff you can join we like to hear from you, and we wish you well, we also like to know how you love our official site, we have been running since 2002AD, so join in the fun and you can contact us and will like to hear from you hope you enjoy the ride and have some fun bring your friends and family along and we hope you all the best,

Yours Faithfully

Artist DJ Mr.William Paul Houston

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Houston Official Website 2014AD
Written by Administrator   
Jun 13, 2014 at 09:35 AM

Dear Houston Online Users

Welcome to Houston Production Music 3000, this website is owned by Artist DJ Mr.William Paul Houston, you like to know how to use this website it also has a forum or two, you can also signed up at Houston Official Forum did you know we have two forums on this website its all about Music and this site might be useful if you did get round to our studio blogs, which we have only 4, hope you will enjoyed this website its also have a whole lot of stuff on this website, we also have a shop and you might know we are also into Gospel, Pop, Electro, Electronic, and R&B, there also plenty of music on our official website so then we hope you will enjoyed our website, we also like Ke$ha, Jordyn Houston, Taylor Swift, and many other people we like there also a film blog where you can sign up and joined in you can also comment on them, don't forget there is plenty of stuff to get around this website is for all friends and families, around the world so don't be afraid to comment on our work, there will also be a music page comming up very soon, hope you like Artist Queen Jordyn Houston and Artist King William Houston and DJ Artist Mr.William Paul Houston, we are also on music website but remember you can buy our music online.

Did you remember Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 96, Windows 98, Windows 99, Windows XP, Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional, Windows, and also now there is Windows 7, Windows 7 Home Edition, Windows 7 Professional, and also there is Windows 8, Windows 8.1.

Hope to see you soon on our official website,

Yours Faithfully

DJ Artist Mr.William Paul Houston

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Summer 2014AD
Written by Administrator   
May 20, 2014 at 12:33 AM

Dear, Queen Jordyn Houston & King William Houston Fans

Hello there is me DJ Artist Mr. William Paul Houston I like to say that Queen Jordyn Houston & King William Houston will have to go on, this Summer is going to be very hot this year and I also hope that Lady Lara Croft will read this website and contact us on Houston Production Music 3000, she is British and she is great we are proud to be British and proud to be English.

We like to say a big thank to all our Fans world wide and also on Twitter and MySpace and Facebook, thanks to all your support, we like to thanks for supporting Ke$ha also on her Music Tour world wide, because Ke$ha is a lovely Women.

We also like to thank Queen Jordyn Houston of Bedford City, we also like to thank her for being with us still, like to thank her for Being a Queen Jordyn Houston Support in Bedford, we hope she is reading this website at home and we like to tell her she is the best Queen Jordyn Houston there is in Bedford, we hope to see her soon, and we are coming back home soon, to live near Queen Jordyn Houston.

Queen Jordyn Houston of Bedford City we like to thank you for being Queen Jordyn Houston of Bedford City and we like you to stay as Queen Jordyn Houston of Bedford City you are the greatest thing that ever came into our lives.

Thank you Queen Jordyn Houston for living in Bedford City and may the Good Lord Father Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and his Holy Son Lord God Jesus Christ be with you in Bedford City Amen.


DJ Artist Mr.William Paul Houston

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