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Out Of The Dark Official Album [Release Date: December 25, 2015AD]
Written by Administrator   
Mar 12, 2015 at 10:07 AM

Out Of The Dark Official Album [Release Date: December 25, 2015AD]
Genres DJ
13 Tracks

01: Don't You Beater
02: Electro V Electronic
03: Mine [Hell To The Slammer Remix][Explicit]
04: Erelim[Explict]
05: Master Of Remixes[Explicit]
06: Set Me Free[Hammer Remix][Explicit]
07: Houston Remix[Explicit]
08: Kill The Joker[Explicit]
09: 13TH Hour[Explicit]
10: Teardrops On My Guitar Remix[Explicit]
11: Israel Flag Remix[Explicit]
12: Out Of The Dark[Explicit]
13: Revamp FT.Jordyn Houston[Explicit]

Dear DJ William Paul Houston Fans I have the musical album on Reverbnation website all you have to do its to search for DJ William Paul Houston and buy the Music there only $1.29USDollars per song online I wish all my fans world wide to support me in my music, and also don't forget to visited my website also and I like more people on my facebook band site page just go to reverbnation website and just follow the instruction and when you get to my music page you will see my songs on mp3.

Hope you will bring your friends and families along to joined in my music page being a artist is important it takes up only a hour a day to get things sorted out so I hope you will enjoyed my website as well so have a great day to all my fans Amen.


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Hell To The Slammer Official Album [Release Date: December 25, 2014AD]
Written by Administrator   
Mar 11, 2015 at 04:27 PM

Hell To The Slammer Official Album [Release Date: December 25, 2014AD]
Genres DJ
13 Tracks

01: Mine [Hell To The Slammer Remix][Explicit]
02: Erelim [Explicit]
03: Master of Remixes [Explicit]
04: Set Me Free [Hammer Remix] Explicit
05: Houston Remix [Explicit]
06: Kill The Joker [Explicit]
07: 13TH Hour [Explicit]
08: Teardrops On My Guitar Remix [Explicit]
09: Don't You Beater
10: Electro V Electronic
11: Israel Flag Remix [Explicit]
12: Out Of The Dark [Explicit]
13: Party Turbo [Explicit]

Hello this is Holy DJ Artist Mr. William Paul Houston I have a album out on Reverbnation call Hell To The Slammer in DJ Music I hope you like it and it good to listen to just visited the site and search for DJ William Paul Houston and you will find my Music Profile world wide its a good Album to listen to and I love all my fans world wide also I like you to buy my Music on Reverbnation website and there is plenty of my music to listen to I hope my Father and Brother and Sister will listen to it as well I also like my fans world wide to support my Music world wide, on Planet Earth.

And to all my Music fans online get online and listen to the Lord's Music world wide and you will enjoyed geat things to come I hope you like Hell To The Slammer my First Album thank you for listening Amen.





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About DJ Artist Mr William Paul Houston
Written by Administrator   
Mar 08, 2015 at 03:30 PM

My Name is Holy DJ Artist Mr William Paul Houston, I enjoy Writing the Bible, Colouring, Drawing, Walking, Listening to Music, and Going on the Computer, I also like going to Church, The Library, and out for walks. I also really enjoy going to new places, some of the places I have been and really enjoyed are: DUXFORD, CAMBRIDGE, LONDON, & THE RACING. I am a happy, Talkative, Positive, and Knowledgeable person.

I sometimes need help when I get UNHAPPY and being to feel DOWN. This is normally when I think about my mum or when something goes wrong with my family. I sometimes need help when this happens, you can help me by: reminding me of this, encouraging me to do the things I enjoy doing. You can also remind me to talk about my feelings and be there when I am feeling lonely.

When things are going well... I enjoy making friends, I am down to Earth, I like being around people, I CAN BE VERY TALKATIVE, I keep to a routine, I go to Church regularly, I make my own meals, I go to the shops by myself, I ENJOY DRAWING AND COLOURING.

When things are going bad... I don't see my friends. I stay Indoors, I stop taking my medicine, I start drinking alcohol, I spend all day on my computer, I start thinking people are watching me, I don't follow my routine, I believe I am famous musician, I become quite and withdrawn, I focus all my time and thoughts on female music artists like Taylor Swift, I stop going to Church, I DON'T GO TO SLEEP.

ALCOHOL... Thoughts of Mum, Feeling Lonely, Getting sad, Thoughts of Alcohol, (way to Forget), Stop Eating, Stop Sleeping, Stops Medication Working, Mental Health gets worse, Physical Health gets worse, Start to make bad choices.


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